Latest update regarding the Coastal Pacific


Work is continuing at pace on the reinstatement of the Main North Line following November’s Kaikoura earthquake. Parts of the line are open for freight goods and crews are working fast in both directions but higher safety standards and ongoing seismic events mean that passenger services will be delayed longer than freight. Because of this, it is unlikely that the Coastal Pacific will operate this summer season (September 2017-April 2018).

The Coastal Pacific will be back to service as early as possible for the 2018/2019 season and it is hoped the season will be extended if possible. This could mean an earlier start date than September 2018. We will continue to keep you updated as a return to service date becomes clearer. In the meantime we can book coach transportation for you between Picton and Christchurch.



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60 Hour Bus Pass

60 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$459.00
  • Child: NZ$459.00

55 Hour Bus Pass

55 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$425.00
  • Child: NZ$425.00

50 Hour Bus Pass

50 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$389.00
  • Child: NZ$389.00

45 Hour Bus Pass

45 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$359.00
  • Child: NZ$359.00

40 Hour Bus Pass

40 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$319.00
  • Child: NZ$319.00

35 Hour Bus Pass

35 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$279.00
  • Child: NZ$279.00

30 Hour Bus Pass

30 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$239.00
  • Child: NZ$239.00

25 Hour Bus Pass

25 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$205.00
  • Child: NZ$205.00

20 Hour Bus Pass

20 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$165.00
  • Child: NZ$165.00

15 Hour Bus Pass

15 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$125.00
  • Child: NZ$125.00

10 Hour Bus Pass

10 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$85.00
  • Child: NZ$85.00

3 Hour Bus Top Up

03 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$30.00
  • Child: NZ$30.00

10 Hour Bus Top Up

10 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$85.00
  • Child: NZ$85.00